“Stewardship is not just about one or another aspect of our faith lives; it is about all of it. It is the overarching and foundational spirituality that shapes our entire existence.” -Bishop Carl A. Kemme

Stewardship Corner

By Fr. Frank

When we hear the word of Stewardship, we automatically call to mind the terms of Time, Talent ad Treasure.

Stewardship of Treasure is easy to define as it refers to our financial contributions to the community.

In talking about Time and Talent aspects of Stewardship, we need to be careful as to how we use our Time and Talent. We need use our Time and Talent for the development of our faith community and to build a stronger community spirit.

Volunteer Your Time

Thank you for giving your time! Potential volunteers will need to talk with a staff member and complete the following:

  • A Volunteer Application
  • Code of Conduct
  • Attestation of Moral Character
  • Acknowledgement of Policies and Procedures

Fr. Frank continued…

Talent is something we all have but varies for each person. The Gospel tells us to let our light shine and not put it under a basket.
Our Time may be limited due to many obligations of family or profession, but each moment we offer our time helps us build a stronger community and help develop friendships.

In using our Time, Talent and Treasure in our daily lives, we here at St. Cecilia Catholic Community are reminded that it is through our daily efforts that we come to Live Jesus.

Our parish community reminded of this effort to Live Jesus by praying the

Parish Prayer and by joining in singing “Live Jesus” before each mass on the weekends as a reminder of who and what we are about.

The singing of the prelude hymn “Live Jesus” represents the Salesian Spirit of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales who staff St. Cecilia Parish. It reminds us that in our daily lives, we are called to “Live Jesus.”

“Salesian Spirituality has helped many people over the centuries to “Live Jesus,” to allow Jesus to live in them and to love through them, and to reproduce in their life as did St. Francis de Sales, the gentleness and humility of Jesus. Many have looked to St. Francis de Sales for the means by which to attain holiness and a devout life.”