St. Cecilia Catholic Community prepares registered parishioners to receive Baptism, Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation and Marriage. In most cases, a person or family must be registered at least six months before the Sacrament. There is no formal preparation for Anointing of the Sick, though prayers and an examination of conscience are encouraged. *Preparation for Holy Orders is done at a regional or national level, generally through a seminary administered by an order of religious men or by a diocese.



For babies and children up to age 6, the preparation includes: a welcome interview (individual basis), parental class (every other month) and a completed packet (on your own time). After this is completed, a baptism will be scheduled. We love to celebrate our newest Catholics’ baptism during a usual weekend Mass.  To start the process, contact Linda S. at x19.



The preparation process for First Holy Communion is a two year process, normally beginning in the first grade, with a year of faith formation in our parish program or at a local Catholic School. During the second year, children continue faith formation and also attend separate sacramental preparation classes for both First Reconciliation and First Communion. For questions, contact KELLI at x20.



Preparing for this sacrament is a two year process, that begins no earlier than the 9th grade.  It consists of faith formation either through St. Cecilia Youth Group, or a local Catholic High School.  The second year consists of sacrament preparation classes in addition to participation in Youth Group. For questions, contact MARY at x18.


RCIA | Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

The RCIA is a weekly, small group process that prepares adults, and children over the age of 7, to become Catholic through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  The preparation generally takes at least a year, and is the way people can convert to becoming Catholic.  In some situations, it may be suitable for a baptized Catholic who was not raised in the Church.  For a friendly, no obligation discussion about your situation and our process, please contact Laura at 851-6291.

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